Sunday, September 21, 2014

Apple Crisp

A theory is formulating in my mind and it goes something like this...There are two types of marrying men in this world. One wants to be a husband who dotes on a wife and one who wants an independent, self-sufficient wife.
The first type of man wants to be a protector. He finds fulfillment in being the man of the house. For this type of man having his wife do the "manly" work reduces his own role as husband. It is his belief that as a man he is to do the heavy lifting. He wouldn't have his wife mow the lawn, change fire detector alarms or move a couch around the living room when she felt like switching up the furniture arrangement. He, as the man, wants to be the strong and mighty warrior for his wife. He wants to care for her needs and treat her like a prized jewel, a delicate flower, a princess.
The second type of husband wants his wife to be her own warrior. If she wants the couch moved he wants her to be the one to move it. If the lawn needs mowed he is more inclined to remind her of its scraggly blades of grass than to break out the mower himself. On a Sunday afternoon he is more likely to be found on the golf course than doing any odd job around the house. He has his life, hobbies and duties and he believes his wife should have her own, too.

I know what kind of husband I want. And, more importantly, I know the kind of wife I want to be.
I want to be the kind of wife who creates a comfortable, loving home for her husband. I want to be the wife who supports her husband when he takes a step out in faith. I want to brighten his day with little surprises and remind him how much he is loved and cherished. I want to praise his efforts to fix broken appliances and doors - even when the craftsmanship is lacking in professionalism and precision. And I know that I want to be the kind of wife that has an apple crisp baking in the oven when her husband gets home from work.

So today I'm practicing being the wife I want to become by baking an apple crisp. There isn't an exact science when it comes to a fruit crisp. You can fumble around for measurements, be out of a particular ingredient or over mix the sugar and flour and still end up with a delicious result. For guidance in completing my crisp I sought out the AllRecipes authority and stumbled upon Apple Crisp II. Over 3,000 reviews and four and a half stars don't fail me now!

Just a few notes about the recipe. I used McIntosh apples and baked it in two separate dishes that equaled about a 9x13. Instead of water I used apple cider. More flavor = better dessert. In the topping I decreased the brown sugar, added a bit of cinnamon and upped the oats while decreasing the flour.
The verdict? It was a hit. I will definitely be adding this recipe to my arsenal of treats to bake for a future hubby!

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