Thursday, September 25, 2014


Good news, only 106 days till Girl Scout Cookie season.
But you probably already knew that. Don't you keep a "countdown till cookie season" marked on your calendar right next to the dog grooming appointments and dentist visits? We are talking about cookies here! And not just any cookies. Girl Scout Cookies. The creme-de-la-creme of the boxed cookie. Thin mints. Samoas. Tagalongs. Do-Si-Do's. Not Shortbreads... they are kind of the ugly duckling of the Girl Scout Cookie line-up. But ask any cookie lover and they'll tell you that the rest are certainly countdown worthy.
By this time in the year you have probably been out of these prized little treats for quite some time. (That is unless you have a box of thin mints frozen in your freezer. And of course there is no shame in that.) If you are a cookie lover and a Girl Scout Cookie hoarder then the simple act of just recalling the names of these famous little cookies probably has your mouth watering.
Well, dear cookie lover, don't fear, you do not have to wait 106 days to have your Girl Scout Cookie sweet tooth satisfied. You can bake up your own, homemade, from scratch cookie that will knock the jade green vest off every little girl in your local troop. With your own hand crafted freshly baked cookies you could start a revolution, bringing Do-Si-Do's to the cookie jar all year round. Who needs a countdown when you have a kitchen? Who needs a box when you could bake instead?
Get rid of that countdown. Scratch of the next 106 days of waiting off your calendar. The cookies are! All you have to do is bake them.
You can get started by checking out this recipe for homemade Do-Si-Do's. You will never long for another box of mass produced peanut butter and oat sandwich cookies again.

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