Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bananas Foster Baby (Toddler) Cakes

Baking for two is a challenge. Good thing I like challenges.
Baking typically yields large quantities. Cookies are baked up in the dozens. Cupcake recipes make at last twelve to fifteen cute little treats. An average sized cake feeds way more than two people. But this week I'm baking for just two so my goal is to not only create tantalizing treats but to do it without creating a lot of waste and leftover sugary confections.
Searching for help to successfully overcome this challenge I stumbled across a blog called "Desserts for Two." Can you say perfect? The recipes are all geared towards the baker who wants to bake for a small crowd, usually a crowd of two. The best part is that almost all of her recipes are from scratch. For me from scratch is a must. I am bucking the Betty Crocker. I am denying the convenience of boxes and mixes. Even canned caramel is off limits.
Desserts for Two guided my baking experiment tonight. I asked my Mom to give me two ingredients to include in the dessert (a not-so-intimidating version of Chopped) and she came up with sour cream and pecans. After searching for a dessert including those two "mystery" ingredients that would be fit for two I came across Bananas Foster Baby Cakes. The name alone was enough to make me want to bake it. The pictures just sealed the deal.
I made some fundamental changes to the recipe. Number one I didn't use any rum. I subbed vanilla extract instead. Secondly I didn't bake them in mini muffin tin. I didn't have one on hand. All I had was a regular muffin tin so I made my "baby cakes" into "toddler cakes." Third, I used half greek yogurt and half sour cream (I had to include that mystery ingredient) to the cake itself. Lastly, I don't know how long I baked them. I believe it was more like fifteen minutes rather than the instructed ten. Since my baby cakes were bigger than babies they required a bit more baking then their smaller cake counterparts.
These Banana Foster Cakes were a big hit. Both Mom and Dad love them and raved about their moist, light texture. I do believe the words, "melt in your mouth" were used. If you want to make two dessert lovers speechless I suggest trying out this recipe. They'll be a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds!

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