Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mini Brownie Ice Cream Cupcakes!

Girls just wanna have fun. Cyndi Lauper had it right back in the 1980's. Well, she had some things right. Not her hair style but that's a whole other story.
But back to the fun.
In that fun-filled spirit today I baked up little mini brownie crusts for little mini ice cream cakes. This dessert is seriously fun! Exactly what I want. I would like to tell you that I played Cyndi Lauper's #1 billboard hit while I baked these little mini brownies but I would be fibbing and I'm not into that. I believe honesty is the best policy. But I can honestly say that these little treats are enjoyable to create even without a soundtrack of feminism in the background. Feminism is another thing I'm not into. But again, that's another story.
So, the mini ice cream cakes. You might be wondering what recipe I used, where I came up with the genius idea and how they turned out. First of all, I did not dream up this tantalizing treat without the assistance of Pinterest, my favorite place to scour for clever ideas. Joy the Baker provided inspiration for my little cupcake, brownie, ice cream cake delicacies. You can find her blog and this particular recipe at
For my own personal miniature cupcake, brownie, ice cream cakes I used a different brownie recipe. That can be found here: These brownies are highly recommended with over five thousand reviewers putting in a good word for the little cocoa bars. I felt quite safe using the recipe and was not disappointed. They turned out perfectly. I baked them in my lined muffin tin at 350 for about eight minutes. They were perfectly cooked through without being too dry or too moist. The perfect base for the rest of my cake treat!
After allowing the brownies to cool I scooped out ice cream onto the tops of my partially filled cups. I chose mint chocolate chip, peanut butter cup and chocolate chip cookie dough as my ice creams. I filled six different cups with each ice cream making a grand total of eighteen cakes. I refroze the cakes while I made the chocolate topping Joy recommended. After putting on my chocolate top (working quickly so the ice cream didn't melt, just as Joy advised) I put the treats back in the freezer until serving time. Then, last but not least, I cheated and used a prepared whipped topping. No whip cream from scratch tonight. I guess you could say that purchasing the whip topping was more fun!

Today my tasters were a house full of kids and adults with seriously intense sweet teeth! The personal sized ice cream cakes were a hit with young and old.
Here's a heads up to any parent who might feed this treat to their child, have them eat it outside! These decedent desserts are seriously messy. I recommend a plate underneath and a handful of napkins (or Viva paper towels) at the ready.

Today I learned that sometimes it's just fun to prepare a cute, miniature, special treat for sugar loving loved ones. And girls just want to have fun. So my advice for the day is, ladies, scoot on into the kitchen and bake up something adorable and definitely something fun! Oh, and turn on some Cyndi Lauper while you're at it!

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