Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chocolate Layer Cake

The Lord said, "Let them eat cake."
Okay, so maybe that was Queen Marie Antoinette. The Lord didn't use that precise confectionary terminology but it isn't too far fetched, is it? The Lord tells us to rejoice, praise and worship! In America most celebratory activities are usually accompanied by balloons, streamers, and most importantly, cake. So it would follow that God is practically commanding His children to eat cake. Or at least bake it!
Today, in this celebratory spirit of rejoicing in the goodness of day given by God, I am baking a classic chocolate cake with two layers and chocolate buttercream frosting.

While researching chocolate cake recipes I vacillated between all-purpose flour and cake flour. My gut instinct was to go for the cake flour, after all it has cake in the very name. But I couldn't find a recipe with good reviews that used cake flour. Every "best-ever" recipe used all-purpose flour and expresso powder. I must admit, this confuses me. I thought cake flour would be a given in cake?
Part of me wanted to scrap the reviewers advice and swap out the all-purpose flour for the cake flour but the more I read the more unsure of myself I became. Recipe developers and baking bloggers swear by recipes that use all-purpose flour. I am far from either of the above so who am I to question their tried and tested instructions?
So all-purpose flour it is.
The recipe I used has been deemed "the best chocolate cake recipe ever." Sounds like a sure thing, doesn't it?
Dear chocolate cake lover, I am pleased to tell you that this cake turned out! I don't know if I should deem it a "sure thing" or just beginners luck but my cake didn't split or crumble. It rose just the way the pictures and reviewers said it would. The texture was moist and the scent undeniably chocolatey!
The icing I am not so pleased to say was not such a resounding success. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible and it was certainly edible but my tasters (my Mom along with a house full of kids and chocolate-loving sister-in-law) weren't loving it as much as they were loving the cake itself.

Both cake and icing come from yet another baking blogger. You can find the recipe here, http://addapinch.com/cooking/the-best-chocolate-cake-recipe-ever/. I would highly recommend using the cake recipe but finding a different buttercream frosting recipe. Maybe your grandmother's secret recipe instead? I don't have a grandmother with a secret recipe so I will use that as an excuse for less-than perfect cake frosting.
No matter whose recipe you use for frosting, enjoy your cake and, if you like sugar, eat it too because today is a day worth celebrating with a big fat piece of chocolate cake. It is worthy of a party simply because God created it and blessed you and I with it. So dig in to today and to your cake, too!

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