Friday, August 22, 2014

PB&J Thumbprint Cookies

"I need a new beach cover up."
About two seconds after that sentence left my mouth I knew it had been a ridiculous statement. Who needs a beach cover up? Answer: no one.
On one side of my brain I am well aware that a beach cover up is a completely unnecessary item, especially when you already have a beach cover up from a few seasons back that still does the job of covering up on the way to the beach. Yet, despite my brain's understanding of need versus want I still find myself falling into the trap of overconsumption. I see something that looks pretty and I think, "I'd like to have that. I shall have that!" And before you know it my debit card is sliding through the little machine, I'm punching four numbers onto a little electronic pad and my desired item is in a bag on its way to becoming another member of my closet's wardrobe family.
That scenario is a sure thing if I act simply off of impulse and the emotional reaction that speaks to me and says, "If you like it, get it." It is only when I stop, ponder and think that I can reason through what is a reasonable indulgence and what is just plain silly.

The statement, "I need a new beach cover up" was completely silly. I did not and do not need a new beach cover up. Would I like a new beach cover up? Yes. Do I need one? Absolutely not. In fact, if I got a new beach cover up I would have to sit on my suitcase to close it to fit all of my current apparel and new purchases into the same bag. I'm barely zipping that enormous bag(s) as it is.
The first time that sentence left my mouth I couldn't help but laugh a little at the sheer absurdity of my thoughts. What a land of abundance I live in! I am overwhelmingly blessed to be surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful sights and all the creature comforts a person could ever want. Not only am I well stocked with everything I need but I am overflowing with things that I simply want and certainly don't need.

Over the next few days following my silly "need" statement I found myself thinking about wants versus needs as I passed beach cover ups in the store. I combed through the hangers considering what could be bought if I so desired and what could be had if I left empty handed.
In the end I left empty handed. And here's why: I decided that leaving without a new beach cover up gave me the pleasure of being satisfied and content with what I have right now, today, in this moment. I didn't need to buy anything new with fresh tags and a new style. Instead I choose to be satisfied with what I have instead of finding satisfaction in buying the perfect "thing" for that moment. It may not be a monumental decision but for me it was a symbolic action to show to myself that I don't need anything more than what I have right now to be happy and fulfilled.
With that satisfied and contentment front and center in my thoughts I let that principle influence today's baking adventure. Instead of hitting the grocery store for an array of new ingredients I opened the pantry and let the bounty in my cupboards give life to another delicious dessert.
Enter: PB&J Cookies.
There is nothing more comforting and classic then the combination of peanut butter and jelly, both of which are in my cabinet just waiting to be baked into a sugary treat.
With crunchy PB in one hand and blackberry jelly in the other I got to work on my cookies. A little flour, sugar, vanilla, butter, baking soda, salt and one egg yolk later my dough was ready to be rolled in sugar and baked at 350 for ten minutes.
At first I was a bit concerned about how this recipe would turn out. The instructions said to put the jelly in after the cookies baked. I'd never made thumbprint cookies this way but trusted the expert (Dessert for Two blogger) and baked the cookies jelly free.
The blogger didn't steer me wrong. The cookies were a hit, yet another small batch recipe success! To try baking up your own comforting classic PB&J cookies head over to Dessert for Two at

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