Monday, August 11, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls (with yeast)

Fear: false evidence appearing real.
Boy did I need that definition this morning. For some reason that I still can't determine, I awoke this morning in an intense state of fear over the future of my health. Multiple Sclerosis carries with it so many unknowns. There is no "cure" to speak of and the best anyone can offer is management and the hope of remission. Still, the threat of relapse remains. MS sufferers never know if and when their symptoms will suddenly set in and reek havoc on their bodies.
That reality landed on me this morning with all the force of a crushing weight. What if I'm one of those sufferers who continues to relapse? What if I get more symptoms that are more intense and more debilitating? The "what ifs" that filled my mind were downright frightful.
I'm thankful to report that I didn't allow that fear to paralyze me (as you can tell since I'm writing this post). I swallowed my fear, got out of bed and determined to face my fears head on. The "what ifs" might never happen and if they do I'm going to trust that God will equip me to overcome them. He will never give me more than I can handle.
As a step of faith over fear I decided to face another fear head on this morning: yeast.
Don't snicker. Yeast is scary. Rising dough, kneading…the whole ordeal just sounds daunting! But today I was in the fear crushing mode and so I set out to conquer my fear of yeast by making cinnamon rolls.
I found a recipe and pulled out my ingredients - including yeast. Two hours later I opened my oven to find perfectly risen, golden brown cinnamon rolls spreading a rich, sugary scent all through the house.
The rolls rose. They expanded. They browned. They were perfection!
I can't believe it took me so long to discover the wonders of yeast! All this time I had been afraid of the complexity of rising bread and expanding dough. I was worried I would waste perfectly good ingredients in a doughy catastrophe. But, alas, my worst fears didn't turn into my reality. My first attempt at baking with yeast was a resounding success.
To all my fellow bakers out there (who may or may not be afraid of yeast) I encourage you to face your fears in and out of the kitchen. Open that packet of yeast. Face your fears head on. Chances are your worst nightmare won't come to pass. In fact, you just may be pleasantly surprised to find a tantalizing smell in your kitchen and a life more beautiful than you ever imagined!

If you happen to be facing a fear of yeast I recommend this recipe for cinnamon rolls from Sally's Baking Addiction, Follow the recipe step by step to officially crush your fear of yeast. Plus as an added bonus, you'll have some amazingly delicious smelling, looking and tasting cinnamon rolls!

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