Friday, August 15, 2014

To the beach we go

If my hotel room had an oven I'd be baking. But, alas, my standard room only provides a small microwave and mini-fridge. I don't even have silverware let alone a mixing bowl.
Due to my lack of equipment and ingredients I have not baked today or yesterday and chances are I won't be baking again tomorrow! It may sound odd but I am legitimately sad about this lull in my baking life. Since I've been out of town and out of the kitchen I've realized that I don't just enjoy baking, I love baking. Baking is my perfect therapy. I feel at home in the kitchen wearing an apron and working with doughs, sugars and hot temperatures. Let's just say I not only handle the heat, I thrive in the heat of the kitchen! Give me any other kind of heat and my leg goes on the fritz but kitchen heat suits me quite nicely.

I wanted to give whoever might be out there reading this blog a heads up, I'm away from my kitchen but I will be back. (I did not just say that in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice). This temporary lull in recipe reviews and experiments isn't due to a fading interest in baking or a shortage of flour in the Northern Pennsylvania area. I'm simply away from my kitchen, traveling to one of my favorite places - the beach.
But don't fret, I won't be gone too long. In fact when I make it to the beach one of the first plans on my agenda is to make a trip to the grocery store and buy the basic baking provisions: flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla extract just to name a few. Trust me, I'll be making time to bake even on vacation. Baking on this beach vacation actually sounds quite relaxing. Who knows maybe I'll make sand dollar sugar cookies to celebrate my new location.
I guess you'll just have to keep following this blog to find out!
Happy baking!

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