Saturday, August 2, 2014


Welcome to Baking on the Fritz.
Please forgive the lack of sparkle and pizazz of my blog's design. I'm not too slick with the html, blogosphere lingo. I stick to English and sometimes even that eludes me.
But you must understand, I'm on the fritz. Allow me to explain.
It all started over four years ago with rapid weight loss, digestive trouble and strange muscle spasms. Then it suddenly seemed to all disappear…for a little while.
But then it came back with a vengeance. This time the fatigue was worse, the weight loss was more extreme, the muscle spasms became painful and severe and my vision started to go blurry and twitchy. To sum it up, I went on the fritz - big time. You can read more about that whole long saga of a journey on my blog Pippy Love ( I chronicle the ups and downs on the road to an explanation to my litany of strange symptoms.
Finally after four years, a bunch of blood work, a neurological exam and an MRI the cause of the fritz was discovered: multiple sclerosis.

This blog is about my journey after the diagnosis. It's about living on the fritz and particularly baking on the fritz.
Nearing the end of my search for a diagnosis I began baking. I found that being in the kitchen, whipping up cookies and cakes provided me an outlet for my anxiety and a way to bless people without ever having to leave the house. What I discovered is that I love baking. I love putting ingredients together and getting a result. Sometimes the result is good (like Salted Caramel Cupcakes) and sometimes it's not so good (like Baked Vanilla Brown Sugar Donuts).
In the end there is always something learned from time spent in the kitchen. I've learned to let eggs come to room temperature before baking a cake. I've learned that homemade caramel requires a lot of stirring and no more than three minutes of bubbling on the stovetop. I've learned that muffins that don't smell like anything but paste don't taste like much either. And I've learned that if you drop a big glass bowl full of dough you can clean it up and make rice-krispie treats instead.
So, come with me on this journey post-diagnosis. We'll learn how to live with multiple sclerosis and bake in the kitchen together, one recipe at a time, one day at a time. I can't promise that what comes out of the oven will always smell divine or even be edible but I can promise that it will be an adventure while we're baking on the fritz.

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