Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake

Let's take a culinary adventure to a B&B. No, not the bed and breakfast variety. I'm talking blueberry and bundt.
Bundt cakes have been popular in Europe for as long as sugar has been desired by the human race. So pretty much, forever. Our European bakers call these cakes "Gugelhupf." Not exactly the yummiest sounding name but never the less the fruit cake has been a staple in European bakeries for centuries. In America the rise of the Gugelhupf is thanks to a couple of manufacturers who saw a way to score big on kitchen cookware. Enter: the bundt pan. 
In the 1950's the bundt pan hit the shelves and soon the ovens of bakers across America. The rest is history. Bundt cakes were born and dessert lovers have never turned back. 
Bundt cakes can be any flavor. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange, peanut butter, carmel, swirled or marbled. They can be made with buttermilk or sour cream, sugar or applesauce… consider the bundt pan your culinary oyster.  
My first foray into the world of the bundt pan was of the buttermilk, fruit variety. I'm sticking to the historical roots of the bundt and bringing blueberries into the batter. After sixty minutes at 350, my baking creation was complete and smelling berry divine!
The recipe I used was from the Brown Eyed Baker. I'm partial to her recipes simply because she has brown eyes, just like me. There is an innate sisterhood among brown eyed bakers. Her recipe didn't disappoint. The cake was thoroughly enjoyed. It elicited responses such as scrumptious and divine.  
To my great delight the cake didn't stick to the pan! Here's my bundt cake baking tip: grease the pan with ridiculous amounts Crisco and flour. Overdo it. Be liberal with your greasing ingredients. If you do so you will be rewarded with a bundt that slides out of the pan with ease, creating a perfectly shaped and rounded bundt. 
To find the recipe I used you can visit my fellow Brown Eyed Baker at

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