Monday, August 4, 2014

Peaches n' Cream Bars

If this post had a subtitle it would be, "The story of the bars that almost weren't"….or something to that effect. I'd come up with something catchier. But you get the gist.
These Peaches n' Cream Bars almost didn't make it to my oven or the mouths of my beloved tasters. It wasn't a shortage of peaches or a lack of flour that almost doomed today's baking experiment, it was my nerves, my MS and my attitude.
Some days with MS are tougher than others. Some days I appear just fine, feel great and have no complaints. And then other days it is just the opposite. Today is one of those days. My digestion has been on edge since six this morning and the fatigue has been extreme. To make matters worse my attitude was anything but peachy. I was in a funk and a depressive state. Needless to say, I wasn't the most jolly of gals to be around.
After lunch I sunk even further. I sat in a chair and mentally lamented my lot in life. The muscle in my leg was having spastic fits and my head was aching. I literally put my head on the counter and just mopped.
Then, all of a sudden, I thought of another batch of peaches on the counter and my head popped up. Bake. Get up and bake!
I almost jumped out of my chair and hurried back into the middle of the kitchen. I grabbed a glass 8x8 pan, aluminum foil and cooking spray. I hit bake, 350 and start on the oven. I was off and running!
Within five minutes my hands were in a bowl cutting up cold butter to make a crumbly topping and my oven was beeping that it was ready to receive my doughy creation. As I mixed ingredients, measured spices and chopped peaches my funk fled. The cloud that MS had placed over my head was pushed out of sight and all I was thinking about was my Peaches n' Cream Bars and the luscious smell they would soon be producing in my kitchen.
Sure enough, forty-five minutes later the scent of cinnamon and sugar was in the air and there was a bubbling of peach and juices in the oven.
The sudden revelation to get back to baking didn't change the status of my muscle. As of the penning of this post my leg is still very much flared but my attitude toward my leg, my muscles and my nerves has done a complete one-eighty. I'm no longer trapped in the gloom and doom of a physical condition. I am rising up and over MS, baking till I'm better and determining to be an overcomer, not a succumb-er.
Who knew there could be so much victory in a simple pan of peaches, oats, flour, sugar and cinnamon?

You may be wondering how my Peaches n' Cream bars turned out. Were they a success? The verdict is in and the bars have been taste tested - they are a winner.
The recipe comes courtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction. You can access it here:
I followed it almost precisely except for a few minor adjustments. I added an extra peach to the filling and an extra teaspoon of heavy cream to the glaze. Let's just say I was feeling extra peachy!

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